Primary 3-4 Solo Recitation Materials



《Sunset》By Paul Laurence Dunbar

The river sleeps beneath the sky,

And clasps the shadows to its breast;

The crescent moon shines dim on high;

And in the lately radiant west

The gold is fading into gray.

Now stills the lark his festive lay,

And mourns with me the dying day.


While in the south the first faint star

Lifts to the night its silver face,

And twinkles to the moon afar

Across the heaven’s graying space,

Low murmurs reach me from the town,

As Day puts on her sombre crown,

And shakes her mantle darkly down.






《Planets of Our Solar System》

The planet we live on is called Earth. Earth goes around a star called the Sun, and as such classifies as a planet.

The Sun and everything that circles it form together a system called the solar system . In our solar system, there are additional seven planets, and dwarf planets.

Each of these planets takes a different amount of time to travel around the Sun. For the Earth, this journey is 365 days long, but for a faraway planet like Neptune, it takes 165 years. There are smaller objects which do not circle the Sun, but around these planets. They are called satellites, or moons, just like Earth’s only natural satellite.

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