Primary 1-2 Solo Recitation Materials



《The Fairy Artist》

Oh, there is a little artist, Who paints in the cold night hours

Pictures for little children, Of wondrous trees and flowers!


Pictures of snow-white mountains, Touching the snow-white sky;

Pictures of distant oceans, Where pretty ships sail by.

Pictures of rushing rivers, By fairy bridges spanned;

Bits of beautiful landscape, Copied from elfin land.


The moon is the lamp he paints by; His canvas the window pane;

His brush is a frozen snowflake; Jack Frost the artist’s name.






《Little Frog》

Little Frog hops into the pond. He cries. He can’t hop onto a lily pad. He can only swim in the pond. His friends make fun of him. Little Frog’s father sees his son’s hopping. He needs to help him.

One day, Daddy Frog pushes the lily pads together. Daddy Frog shows Little Frog how to hop. Daddy Frog hops from one pad to another. Little Frog tries and tries. A week later, Little Frog hops from pad to pad. He is so happy.

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